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Discover the latest prices at stamp auctions around the world, from large auction houses to internet sales

Stamp auction results round-up
A Mexican Air Post rarity, a high value stamp from South East Asia, and a remarkable Swiss canton cover… find out what…
11 March 2021
Stamp auction results round-up
Discover the latest prices paid at auction with our latest stamp auction round-up.
02 March 2021
Auction results round-up
Discover the latest results from philatelic sales across the UK in our latest stamp auction round-up…
01 November 2020
Vendors and buyers delighted with online FDC sale
The recent sale at Brian Reeve Stamp Auctions was their first since the coronavirus crisis and saw a variety of rare…
12 July 2020
Rare 1c Blue USA stamp sells for $90,000
The sale of the Edward Morton Collection of Outstanding Quality U.S. Stamps took place at Robert A Siegel recently, and…
13 April 2020
GB and Commonwealth classics sold at Just Collecting
Just Collecting’s inaugural online stamp rarities auction on 27 February 2020 featured a range of British and British…
28 February 2020
Stamp auction results round up: February 2020
A round-up of auction results from recent philatelic auctions.
12 February 2020
Latest online stamp prices from Delcampe - January 2020
Discover the latest stamp prices with our exclusive guide to recent stamp and postal history sales on the popular…
01 February 2020
Prices paid for… the £5 Orange
We provide a price guide to one of the most desirable GB stamps, the Queen Victoria £5 Orange, picking out ten examples…
29 January 2020

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