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Discover the latest prices at stamp auctions around the world, from large auction houses to internet sales

Rare 1c Blue USA stamp sells for $90,000
The sale of the Edward Morton Collection of Outstanding Quality U.S. Stamps took place at Robert A Siegel recently, and…
13 April 2020
GB and Commonwealth classics sold at Just Collecting
Just Collecting’s inaugural online stamp rarities auction on 27 February 2020 featured a range of British and British…
28 February 2020
Stamp auction results round up: February 2020
A round-up of auction results from recent philatelic auctions.
12 February 2020
Latest online stamp prices from Delcampe - January 2020
Discover the latest stamp prices with our exclusive guide to recent stamp and postal history sales on the popular…
01 February 2020
Prices paid for… the £5 Orange
We provide a price guide to one of the most desirable GB stamps, the Queen Victoria £5 Orange, picking out ten examples…
29 January 2020
‘Stunning and highly desirable’ stamp block sells for £24,654 at Spink China
Spink’s Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong auction at Spink China, held on 12 January 2020, attracted plenty of…
21 January 2020
Stamp auction results round-up: January 2020
Stamp auction highlights for January, including an extremely rare 6d I.R. Official which had previously been held in the…
17 January 2020
US Civil War and Confederate States stamps sell well
A collection of 'Civil War Postal History and Confederate States' provided a range of highlights at the recent Robert A…
11 January 2020
Rare 'rainbow' colour trial example sells for £960
A rare example of an 1840 colour trial attracted plenty of interest at the latest Warwick & Warwick stamp auction.
23 December 2019

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