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Rare USA 'Blue Boy’ cover sells for $1 million
The ‘Alexandria Blue Boy’ cover, described as one of the USA’s most famous philatelic items, was recently sold at…
27 June 2019
Rare USA stamps fetch millions at Cherrystone
The New Amsterdam Collection of United States Rarities recently went under the hammer at Cherrystone Philatelic…
31 May 2019
Inverted Jenny sells for $1.35 million
An example of the famous 'Inverted Jenny' USA stamp error has sold for a staggering $1.35 million after 'being kept in a…
15 November 2018
Argyll Etkin hold largest stamp auction for four years
The recent Argyll Etkin stamp auction achieved a sale total of over £800,000, and included a wealth of British material,…
30 October 2018
US stamp treasures fetch over $10 million in landmark sale
The recent sale of William H Gross' collection of USA stamps reached a total sale price of $10,003,155, in what has been…
03 October 2018

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