A history of Line Engraved Stamps of Britain


05 November 2020
Line engraved is a term that stamp collectors need to understand. Line engraved stamps have certain features which distinguish them from modern day postage. The first six stamps issued in Great Britain were printed using this method.

Line engraved stamps are both beautiful and highly sought after

This means that they can be expensive, however it is possible to create an affordable collection which will not entail you taking out a mortgage. This said, starting a collection can be quite daunting.

However, the great thing about this YouTube Video is it also gives tips on how you might go about collecting line engraved stamps giving examples. For instance, you might collect stamps with the same initials or with initials which match your name.

It also discusses the varieties that you might come across when building your collection and gives you valuable tips when deciding which stamps to buy, such as checking the stamps condition.

Maybe you are not starting a collection but are simply interested in this intriguing method of printing.

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Well, this YouTube Video also explains the process of line engraving, where It originated from and the differences between modern day printing of stamps and line engraved printing.

Or perhaps it’s the case that you would like to see some world rarities? Well this YouTube Video delivers!

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