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05 August 2020
History Store specialise in postally related ephemera and documents which form an increasing part of philatelic exhibitions and which help to place stamps and postmarks in their historical context.
Postally related ephemera

If you have been following the County series of articles in Stamp Collector magazine you will know the type of material which Historystore stock as virtually all of the images are of items for sale.  

Brunei SG27X. A fine mint example with reversed watermark, original gum, small hinge mark. £60.00

Brunei Silver Jubilee FDC from Kuala Belait 1949. £20.00

An embroidered postage stamp wallet with bead edging. On the reverse is woven ‘Wx Qx from Haroldx 1879x’. £30.00

Myer’s Ocean Penny Postage envelope State 1. Slight surface dirt. c 1850 £45.00

EL from Edinburgh to Kirkintulloch with Lennoxtown Penny Post (SG164a) in blue of the Glasgow Penny Post and arrival namestamp on the reverse (DB92) £30.00

PPC with franking cachet of the annex to Auxiliary Hospital No. 94 in the 10th Military Region in Paramé (Ille et Vilaine) which operated from the Villa Beau-Site with 35 beds from 15th September 1914 until 9th November 1918. The card was posted to Paris with another strike of the cachet on the address side. Scarcity rating 8/10. £10.00

Illustrated envelope from The Royal Hotel, Edinburgh, Donald MacGregor proprietor, used to USA via Queenstown with 2½d lilac tied by Edinburgh duplex. Transit datestamp on reverse of 7th September 1884. Roughly opened at top. £60.00

Colour PPC from Rome with 5c Red Cross label of 1915 tied by machine cancellation £20.00

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1d imprinted stationery cover from the Anglo-Swiss Cond. Milk Co, 10 Mark Lane, London, with additional 1d adhesive perf ‘ASC/MCo’ paying the late fee, cancelled with the L1 Mark Lane duplex postmark 1903. Roughly opened at top with glue marks on reverse partially obscuring Penang arrival ds. £25.00

EL Liverpool to Canada with 3d rose cancelled with Liverpool duplex 1870 with oval ‘Paid A’ in red (Tabeart M15). It is suggested that this mark was applied to the top letter only in a bundle of paid letters going abroad by the Liverpool Foreign Desk. The “Austrian” was an Allan Line steamer which left Liverpool on 18th August and arrived at Quebec on 28th August, confirmed by the arrival cds of Hamilton on the reverse for 30th August. £40.00

Cover with 1d red perf tied by Lincoln sideways duplex (Type 2) 1856 £25.00

Toll ticket from the Llanellen Gate on the Abergavenny Trust toll road 1853 £25.00

More about History Store…

Just before we were hit by Covid19, History Store launched a new website. The twelve items for sale in the Festival of Stamps can all be found in the Ephemera section of the website and they have chosen a cross section to give you an idea of the type of material which they stock. Use the stock number eg HS 122 to search the website and your item should appear.

In all they have some 20,000 documents available for sale which are organised geographically by county in the U.K, by country and by theme. So if they haven’t shown your place or subject simply send an email to [email protected] and they will send you scans of anything that might be suitable.

A particular favourite are documents which show people, places, machinery and products in Victorian Britain, at about the time that uniform penny postage was introduced. In the days before photography and postcards, let alone the internet, these images are often the only visual reminder of a time when the first postage stamps were being printed and stuck onto letters to facilitate their transmission through the postal service. Sadly much of the topographical writing paper engraved with views from around the country was cut up and pasted into Victorian scrap albums but they do have a significant stock of complete sheets, used and unused.

They also publish a wide range of greetings cards and stationery, some of which is philatelically related, derived from images on original documents. These can be found in the Merchandise section.

Their trading terms are simple – all ephemeral documents are guaranteed to be original but unlike adhesive stamps, the nature of the item usually means that they show signs of wear in terms of creasing and folds. ‘Good condition’ takes this into account and any additional faults are described. However customers are free to return any item if not completely satisfied. Postage is included in the price unless the customer specifies express or secure delivery.

They do not accept credit cards but payment can be made by PayPal, by cheque drawn on a UK bank or by bank transfer.

Visitors are welcome to come to Dorset by appointment and they also offer accommodation which can be viewed here

Full contacts details are:

John & Claire Scott
Historystore Limited,
Winterborne Stickland, 
Blandford Forum,
Dorset DT11 0ED
01258 880841
[email protected]