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11 January 2020
A collection of 'Civil War Postal History and Confederate States' provided a range of highlights at the recent Robert A Siegel sale in the USA.

Perhaps the most significant conflict in the relatively short history of the USA, the Civil War provides today's collectors with a range of covers to collect, providing both historic and philatelic interest. The Robert A Siegel sale featured a range of interesting postal history items, shedding light on the conflict.

A red and blue 'Union Forever' with Eagle and Shield Patriotic cover sent to Norfolk, England, bearing a pair of 12c Black stamps, tied by target cancels, fetched $550. The cover featured a 'Port Royal S.C. Jun. 14' (1862) double-circle datestamp, a "New York Am. Pkt. 3 Jul. 26" credit datestamp, and a red London transit, receiving backstamp. The lot description noted: Port Royal was recaptured November 1861.'



An ornate multi-coloured patriotic cover featuring a Map of Washington D.C. with George Washington on horseback monument was described as being: 'a beautiful and rare Magnus Patriotic cover'. The cover featured a 2c Black (tied by a target cancel) and a 1c Blue (tied by 'South (town?), May 7, 1863' double-circle datestamp).

SOLD FOR £4,780


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A small cover to Richmond Va., from the Cobb correspondence, was said to be 'one of five recorded covers with a pair of the Macon 5-cent floral-border provisional' was also sold. The horizontal pair of provisional Macon stamps boasted large to huge margins on other sides, dark shade on bright paper, and were tied by a large 'Macon Geo.' circular datestamp.

The auction catalogue explained: 'All of the Macon provisional stamps were printed from typeset forms. The 2c and two of the three 5c settings simply state the denomination and nothing else, and they were the first stamps printed. These were followed by the four-line "square" stamp, which includes the words "Post Office" and "Macon, Ga." The order of issue is confused by the Scott Catalogue listings.'

SOLD FOR £4,592

All images and information courtesy of Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries.
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