50th anniversary year kicks off at Solihull Philatelic Society


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24 January 2020
The latest update from Solihull Philatelic Society, which this year is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary

Paul Woodness started off our 2020 50th Anniversary year programme with the ‘President’s Display’.

Over the years Paul has assembled a number of diverse collections which he introduced by explaining some of the events which led up to him starting each of these.  Many of us could relate to such small beginnings which can blossom into something quite remarkable; such is the joy of our hobby!

Throughout his display, Paul explained how contact with other collectors through societies, both local and in particular, national specialist societies, is a marvellous way to enhance ones knowledge and acquire more material.  

Paul demonstrated how what may appear to be a fairly unremarkable cover can turn out to reveal a fascinating story, not only of philately, but of historical events.  Individual research on one’s material is worth the effort and can be most rewarding.

The evening was well attended and provided an excellent start to our new year.  

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We are a thriving Society with weekly meetings from September through to the end of April. For more details, visit our web-site: www.solihullphilatelicsociety.org.uk or contact our Secretary, Paul Woodness on 01564 776 879
John Barker

Caption:  Paul Woodness with his display.

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