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Buying the Canada KGV 1929 50c Bluenose - how much should I pay?
Canada's 1929 50c 'Bluenose' stamp is regarded by many collectors as Canada’s finest national stamp, so how much should…
01 October 2018
Stamp book review: Lost Countries by Stuart Laycock and Chris West
Stamp dealer and collector David Bailey reviews Lost Countries by Stuart Laycock and Chris West
30 September 2018
Video: How do stamp approvals work?
In this 'Tips of the Stamp Trade' video Andrew McGavin of Universal Philatelic Auctions explains how stamp approvals…
11 September 2018
Guest stamp blog: Devlan Kruck on Henry Archer's 1d Red rouletting machines
Victorian stamps expert Devlan Kruck looks back on a 19-century businessman's pioneering technique to separate 1d Red…
04 September 2018
What type of stamp collector are you?
What type of collector are you? Do you lose sleep over the latest stamp releases, or crave that consummate coin…
03 September 2018
Ten facts about Stampex International, the UK's national stamp collecting…
Find out more about Stampex International, the major stamp collecting event held twice a year, and discover why it's a…
01 September 2018
Military exhibits at Autumn Stampex International 2018
As we mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, the Forces Postal History Society (FPHS) and the Civil…
01 September 2018
Selling a stamp collection - how to value your stamps
Have you inherited a stamp collection that you're interested in selling? Our step-by-step guide will show you how to…
01 September 2018
Event preview: Don't miss Autumn Stampex International 2018
Find out more about the exhibits, souvenirs and new stamp issues taking place at Autumn Stampex International 2018, the…
14 August 2018

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