Joint meeting for Central European stamp collectors


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02 September 2019
Members of the Austrian, Czechoslovak, Hungarian, Polish and Yugoslav Philatelic Societies recently got together for a joint meeting held in Bradford

This year was the 22nd joint event between the Austrian, Czechoslovak, Hungarian, Polish and Yugoslav Philatelic Societies, admirably organised by Yvonne and Richard Wheatley.

This long-running fixture in the calendar remains very popular as a meeting of Central European collectors with a grand mix of short displays and a great opportunity to mix and discuss.

This year was no exception, and despite a short delay in gaining entry to the venue owing to a misplaced key, a full meeting was achieved, completed and tidied away before Bradford Football Club emptied and filled the surrounding roads.

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Presentations included Hungarian hyper-inflation parcel cards (Martin Brumby), Polish undercover mail via Lisbon (Edmund & Richard Jagielski), and Independent Latvia 1919-1920 (Neil Ritchie).

Spokesperson Roger Morrell  said:

‘The participants present supported the proposed concept of moving to a more conducive venue just outside Leeds which would ease the organisational burden, and to two such meetings per year, perhaps making it the “Northern Powerhouse” event of British philately.’