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Stamp Detective: 1921 Liberian definitives
Our philatelic private eye spies an intriguing stamp that looks set to increase in value…
01 June 2019
How to prepare your stamps for sale
Experienced stamp dealer and auctioneer, Rick Warren, who is also Vice-Chairman of the Philatelic Traders Society (PTS)…
23 March 2019
How a stamp auction works; a step-by-step guide
What happens if you decide to sell your collection through a public auction rather than direct to a dealer? We take a…
19 January 2019
Why collect stamp auction catalogues?
A good range of auction catalogues is a valuable asset to the collector, writes GB stamps expert Mike Jackson
26 October 2018
Buying the Canada KGV 1929 50c Bluenose - how much should I pay?
Canada's 1929 50c 'Bluenose' stamp is regarded by many collectors as Canada’s finest national stamp, so how much should…
01 October 2018
Video: How do stamp approvals work?
In this 'Tips of the Stamp Trade' video Andrew McGavin of Universal Philatelic Auctions explains how stamp approvals…
11 September 2018
Selling a stamp collection - how to value your stamps
Have you inherited a stamp collection that you're interested in selling? Our step-by-step guide will show you how to…
01 September 2018
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