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The BTA is ZOOMing along!
After much thought and planning Wednesday 9th December witnessed the first virtual British Thematic Association (BTA)…
19 January 2021
Sherlock cover produced for GBFDC AGM
The latest first day cover produced by the GBFDC, to coincide with the society's Annual general Meeting, features a…
08 September 2020
Video: Ceylon KGV Silver Jubilee one-frame exhibit
In a bid to keep collectors learning, Graham Winters, the Chairman of the ABPS, has begun a series of videos based…
13 April 2020
50th anniversary year kicks off at Solihull Philatelic Society
The latest update from Solihull Philatelic Society, which this year is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary
24 January 2020
Collector entertains at Chelmsford And District Philatelic Society
The recent Chelmsford And District Philatelic Society meeting saw Stuart Henderson from Ilford entertain members with a…
11 December 2019
Apollo Story explained at West London PS
The recent West London Philatelic Society meeting saw members welcome Barry Feltham who gave the display ‘The Apollo…
09 December 2019
Royal members enjoying new space
The members of the Royal Philatelic Society London are enjoying the more spacious surroundings to be found at the…
22 November 2019
Australian displays at Chelmsford and District Philatelic Society
The recent meeting of the Chelmsford And District Philatelic Society featured guest speakers Christine Earle and Patrick…
11 October 2019
Royal Philatelic Society London holds first meeting at new home
The Royal Philatelic Society London recently opened the doors of its new premises at, 15 Abchurch Lane, for the first…
07 October 2019

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