Sherlock cover produced for GBFDC AGM


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08 September 2020
The latest first day cover produced by the GBFDC, to coincide with the society's Annual general Meeting, features a special postmark that is set to become a rarity.

The new cover features the 'Sherlock' stamps recently issued by Royal Mail.

Ian Balcombe, spokesperson for the GBFDC explained:

'The Sherlock postmark design proved to be very interesting. The statue of Arthur Conan Doyle at Crowborough was chosen, however this raised issues in respect of Intellectual Property Rights. The Town Clerk of Crowborough was contacted, and was most helpful in that whilst the Town Council was not meeting do to Covid 19 until after the issue date, she was prepared to contact each Councillor for their approval. It then became apparent that the Rights remained with the Sculptor. He had retired but was contacted via his agency. He was also most helpful and provided studio images which makes the postmark very special.'


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