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19 January 2021
After much thought and planning Wednesday 9th December witnessed the first virtual British Thematic Association (BTA) meeting via ZOOM. And what a success it was, writes the BTA's Jim Etheringtonā€¦

A total of 27 members had the great pleasure in watching Andrew Millington give a talk entitled Aspects of my Copper Collection.

He started by talking about the number of copper and copper mineral stamps available, the number of countries that had issued copper stamps (some having no connection to copper whatsoever) and then looked at some interesting people who had a strong connection with copper and had been commemorated on stamps.

Andrew talked about the use of copper in lightning conductors and finished with an entire from the Insolvency Court in Port Augusta, Australia to John Pascoe working in a copper mine. The work that Andrew had done to tell us the ‘back-story’ of John Pascoe and this envelope was inspirational. 

Wednesday 13th January saw the second BTA ZOOM meeting.  

It was a fascinating and informative talk on Watermarks by Wendy Buckle entitled Watermarks: from medieval trademark to modern security feature, watched by over 30 BTA members.

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Wendy started her talk by going through the process used in the early days of making paper (and do you know how the Foolscap paper size got its name?) and how the watermark was ‘applied’ to the process. She then showed a number of watermarks that could be used in thematic collections and there were lots of them!

Wendy went on to show a range of philatelic material that had watermarks - stamps, envelopes etc and finished by showing the 3D watermarks used on bank notes.  A lovely presentation: interesting and very informative.

BTA ZOOM talks can be found in the Member’s own section of our web site: 

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