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09 September 2021
No peeking! Here are the answers to the philatelic quiz as featured in the September 2021 issue of Stamp Collector, see how many you got right!

How many did you get right? Find out here with the answers to the latest stamp quiz.

Stamp Quiz (October 2021) Answers

  1. Why were several pillar boxes across Great Britain painted gold in 2012?
    ANSWER: To honour Gold Medal winners in that year’s Olympic Games.

  2. Why were stamps issued in 1891 by Tierra del Fuego?
    ANSWER: To frank mail from Tierra del Fuego to the nearest ports of Chile or of the Argentine Republic.

  3. Which creature featured on Australia’s 1s green issue of 1959?
    ANSWER: Platypus

  4. In addition to HMQ, whose portrait appears on the Antigua 2c of 1961?
    ANSWER: Admiral Lord Nelson

  5. What are the people seen on this stamp doing? (Clue: The year was 1965)
    ANSWER: They are refugees fleeing from East To West Germany.

  6. What was pigeon post mail officially known as on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand?
    ANSWER: Great Barrier Pigeon-Gram. NZ authorities refused to accept any name that included “post” or “postal”.

  7. Which country used floating mail stamps, and why?
    ANSWER: In 1921 Netherlands insisted that insured mail carried aboard ships had to be stored on deck in special safes that would float if a ship sank.

  8. Between which two US cities did the Pony Express carry mail in 1861?
    ANSWER: Between St Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California.

  9. What is xylography?
    ANSWER: Printing from wood blocks. (from the Greek word xulon meaning wood… and graphos meaning writing.)

  10. In which year did Great Britain cede Heligoland to Germany?
    ANSWER: 1890

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