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12 August 2021
No peeking! Here are the answers to the philatelic quiz as featured in the September 2021 issue of Stamp Collector, see how many you got right!

How many did you get right? Find out here with the answers to the latest stamp quiz.

Stamp Quiz (September 2021) Answers

  1. Which alphabet letter appeared in the central design on the British Columbia 1865 3d deep blue?  
    ANSWER: A letter V

  2. Name the king featured on the 18 piastres stamp issued in Cyprus in 1928.
    ANSWER: Richard I (aka Lionheart)

  3. Name the fruit that appeared on the first stamp of the Pitcairn Islands.
    ANSWER: Oranges

  4. A workman is shown on the first 1d stamp of Sierra Leone when the country became independent in 1961. What is the workman doing?
    ANSWER: Diamond mining

  5. Which animals appeared on the first stamps of Northern Rhodesia issued in 1925?
    ANSWER: Elephants and a giraffe

  6. What were the words written beneath XMAS 1899 on Canada’s Imperial Penny Postage stamp of that year?

  7. What postal crime is illustrated on a 1986 stamp of Micronesia?
    ANSWER: Forgery

  8. Which country issued bottle-shaped stamps in 2000, and what had the bottles contained?
    ANSWER: Trinidad and Tobago … and the bottle had contained angostura bitters.

  9. In which year was the posthorn first seen on Denmark’s stamps?
    ANSWER: 1871

  10. Which language was used on the first stamps of Switzerland? 
    ANSWER: Latin

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