The House of Jevrem Grujić on new Serbia stamps


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24 May 2017
Museum-Exhibits-POSTMARK-82178.jpg Postmark
Serbia Post have issued a new set of stamps featuring 'Jevrem Grujić’s House', now a museum in Belgrade

Serbia Post have issued a new set of stamps featuring 'Jevrem Grujić’s House'.

The Serbian statesman and diplomat Jevrem Grujić (Darosava, 1826 –  Belgrade, 1895), built the house for his family at the end of XIX century (in 1896) following the design made by the prominent architect Milan Kapetanović.

The house was designed as a one-storey urban villa inspired by French Neo-Baroque and Neo-Renaissance.

During 19th and 20th centuries, the Belgrade balls were organised in the state room of the house, which was also used as a gathering place for the Serbian social elite and diplomatic meetings where the political and intellectual champions of the time made decisions on the future of the young Serbian state. 

A Serbia Post spokesperson said:

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'The House of Jevrem Grujić is the first cultural monument protected by the Institute of Protection of Cultural Heritage of the City of Belgrade after its foundation in 1961, and in 1979 the building was declared the cultural heritage of great significance for the Republic of Serbia. In September 2015, thanks to the generosity of heirs of Jevrem Grujić, a section of the house was made into museum, in which a part of the rich collection of Jevrem Grujić’s House is now displayed.'

Stamp 1 - Jevrem Grujić, Steva Todorović, oil on canvas, 1888, Belgrade
Stamp 2 - Mileva Naumović, Uroš Knežević, oil on canvas, 1854, Belgrade
Stamp 3 -Jelena Milojević with Daughters Milica and Milena, V. Volkov, oil on canvas, 1925, Belgrade
Stamp 4 -Queen Natalia Obrenovitch, Steva Todorović, oil on canvas, 1884, Belgrade

Graphic realization of the stamps: Nadežda Skočajić, academic painter-graphic artist

The stamps were issued on 24 May 2017.