JC Stamps – buying and selling for more than 30 years


Looking for a FREE valuation of your stamp collection? International stamp dealers JC Stamps, based in Middlesex, visit around more than 40 stamp events each year, including Stampex.

Established in 1987 by John Curtin, the company has a strong client base in the UK and overseas and have been a trusted buyer and seller for over three decades.

J C Stamps buy virtually anything in stamps and covers, from specialised one-country collections to general lots and accumulations, from better quality single items to complete dealer's stocks. If it's philatelic, they’re interested!

Five reasons to sell to JC Stamps

  1.  An accurate valuation thanks for forty years’ experience in the stamp trade

  2.  Fair valuations with top market price paid

  3.  Immediate payment

  4.  Home visits for bulky, valuable collections – at no extra cost

  5.  Philatelic Traders Society member – your guarantee of a fair deal

Get started now

For more information or to arrange a valuation, tel 01932 785365 or visit the website.

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