Day of Children stamp from Germany


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06 September 2012
imports_CCGB_stamp-10-_73525.jpg Day of Children stamp from Germany
Germany's celebration of Day of Children on 20 September has been marked by a colourful cartoon stamp. ...

Germany's Day of Children is celebrated on 20 September each year and for 2012, the country has issued a colourful cartoon stamp featuring a boy and girl standing on a hillside along with storybook characters including a lion and a fish. Germany issues a Day of Children stamp each year with a different theme and this year's issue was created under the heading 'colourful kids' world'.

The design of the stamp has been created to show how childrens' imaginations can know no boundaries and to recreate the excitement of childhood adventures. The 55 cent stamp is inscribed 'fur uns kinder deutschland' (Day of Children Germany).

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