Doctor Who stamps revealed


26 December 2012
imports_CCGB_mattsmithsdoctorwhos_91241.jpg Matt Smith's Doctor Who stamp
Royal Mail have revealed the designs for the eleven stamps celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who ...

Royal Mail have revealed the designs for the eleven stamps celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who, set to be issued on 26 March, 2013.

You can read more about the stamps in the February issue of Stamp & Coin Mart.

The stamps will feature each of the actors who have played the role of the Time Lord over the last fifty years. The stamp design will see the face of each Doctor appearing out of the iconic swirling screen idents, made famous by the opening credits of the TV show. The first two stamps are in black and white, as the first two incarnations of the Doctor were broadcast in monochrome.

Featuring on the stamps are:

  • Matt Smith
  • David Tennant
  • Christopher Eccleston
  • Paul McGann
  • Sylvester McCoy
  • Colin Baker
  • Peter Davison
  • Tom Baker
  • Jon Pertwee
  • Patrick Troughton
  • William Hartnell

Doctor Who stamps 2013

In addition to the eleven stamps featuring the Doctors, a five stamp miniature sheet will also be available. In the centre of the sheet is a stamp featuring the Doctor’s space and time travelling machine, the world famous Time and Relative Dimension in Space or the TARDIS as it is more commonly known.

The remaining four stamps feature some of the Doctor’s most famous foes:

  • a Dalek
  • a Cyberman
  • an Ood
  • a Weeping Angel

    Fiona Eastwood, Product Development Director, BBC Worldwide Consumer Products said: 'The Doctor Who stamps are the perfect way to mark and celebrate the 50th anniversary of this much-loved programme. The collection is really impressive, and I am sure they will delight all Doctor Who fans.'

The stamps launch on March 26 2013, but fans can pre-order today by registering at

The Doctors in order:

First Doctor: William Hartnell – First broadcast in 1963 until 1966

Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton – First broadcast in 1966 until 1969

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Third Doctor: Jon Pertwee – First broadcast in 1970 until 1974

Fourth Doctor: Tom Baker – First broadcast in 1974 until 1981

Fifth Doctor: Peter Davison – First broadcast in 1982 until 1984

Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker – First broadcast in 1984 until 1986

Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy – First broadcast in 1987 until 1989

Eighth Doctor: Paul McGann – First broadcast in 1996 (TV film only)

Ninth Doctor: Christopher Eccleston – First broadcast in 2005

Tenth Doctor: David Tennant – First broadcast in 2005 until 2010

Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith – First broadcast in 2010 to date

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