Errors spotted in Potter Prestige Stamp Booklets


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07 January 2019
Collectors have discovered a number of errors in the Prestige Stamp Books issued to coincide with Royal Mail’s recent Harry Potter stamp set.

The first error, reported on the Norvic Philatelic online blog ( run by stamp expert Ian Billings, showed an inverted pane, with the two miniature sheet pages not matching up.

According to the blog this particular PSB will be offered for sale in a forthcoming auction held by the Modern British Philatelic Circle.

Meanwhile, other errors have been spotted, including a PSB with two back covers.


Writing on the blog site, Ian Billings comments:

'The Harry Potter prestige book can be started from either end, half the pages inverted in relation to the others, presenting two stories. The two miniature sheet panes are facing each other, which is another problem for the printers assembling the sheets.’

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