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25 March 2013
imports_CCGB_stamp-36-_10598.jpg Europa 2013 mail en route stamps - Sweden
Sweden Post has revealed the stamps issued for the Europa 2013 theme 'mail en route'. ...
Sweden Post reveals the stamps issued for the Europa 2013 theme 'mail en route'. Each year's theme is chosen by Post Europ, which has over forty member countries, each of which is free to interpret the theme in its own way, taking into account national characteristics and interests.

Sweden's two Europa 2013 stamps depict mail carriers with an environmentally friendly bicycle and electric car. The environmental theme is one which is close to the nation's heart - Every fourth car used for Swedish mail delivery is an electric car and the idea behind Sweden Post’s environmental approach is that for every kilowatt hour and litreof fuel that is saved, some of the Earth’s resources have been saved.

The company is currently undertaking eco-training for its drivers and working to load more into each truck put onto the road, to reduce the number of journeys made, and more than half of Sweden's letters and messages are transported between sorting terminals by train, keeping more vehicles off the roads.

The two 12KR stamps have a Sweden Post employee standing beside his eco-vehicle, wearing the company's distinctive dark blue uniform.

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