Jersey Post issues stamps to remember the famous gorilla Jambo


24 September 2012
imports_CCGB_stamp-13-_76743.jpg Jersey Post issues stamps to remember the famous gorilla Jambo
Jersey Post has issued a set of stamps to remember Jambo, the silverback gorilla who became famous for protecting a boy who fell into his enclosure. ...

Jersey Post's set of four stamps and miniature sheet has been created by stamp artist and conservationist William Oliver, who was assisted by Jambo's keeper of fifteen years, Richard Johnstone-Scott, who has been a member of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust for more than 35 years and was able to source additional reference material and photographs. He said: 'Having spent most of the past 46 years working with more than 50 gorillas I have many fond memories, and in particular my time spent taking care of Jambo, which for me, was a great privilege, and one that I like to think we both enjoyed immensely. Such was his personality, even today he remains conspicuous by his absence; he truly was a remarkable and magnificent gorilla, and I would like to thank Jersey Post for the stamp issue, which is both a fitting reminder, and tribute to his memory.'

Jambo the gorilla hit the headlines in 1986 when he stood guard beside five-year-old Levan Merritt, who fell into his enclosure at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust park. Jambo was known for his affinity with humans and was the first male gorilla to be born in captivity, as well as the first to be mother-reared.

The latest Jambo stamps are the eighth issue to feature the work of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, which is a popular charity on the island of Jersey.

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