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25 March 2020
The team behind Stamp Collector and the website have launched the ‘Keeping you collecting’ campaign, giving collectors info and inspiration to work on their collections during the lock-down, and giving traders the chance to let collectors know they are open for business. 

At times like these, discussing our hobbies may seem trivial – our safety takes priority – but spending time on our collections could be a welcome distraction. Now could be the time to write up that collection, work through your check-lists, and organise your albums like you’ve always meant to. 

The campaign includes:

FREE ISSUE FOR ALL: the May issue of Stamp Collector will be available to download FREE (on sale from 10 April).

THREE ISSUES FREE TO YOUR HOME: have Stamp Collector magazine delivered direct to your home and receive your first 3 issues FREE. Click here for details…

NEW ‘KEEPING YOU COLLECTING’ EMAIL – featuring opinion, updates, collecting websites, tips and giving traders the chance to promote their websites. Sign up now to receive the emails.

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NEW PODCAST – the ‘All About Stamps’ podcast is coming! Free to all, the podcast will feature interviews, tips and stamp guides. Would you like to be featured or do you have a suggestion for content, be sure to let us know, just email Matt: [email protected]

EXTRA ‘KEEPING YOU COLLECTING’ CONTENT ONLINE & ON SOCIAL MEDIA – on the website, facebook, twitter and instagram.

Latest 'Keeping you collecting' content:

If you would like to be involved, promote your online business, or find out more contact:

Content: Matthew Hill, Associate Publisher ([email protected])
Promotional opportunities: Sarah Hopton, Advertising Manager ([email protected])

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