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28 February 2022
The winners of the London 2022 International Stamp Exhibition have been revealed, following eight days of philatelic celebrations in the capital.

After years of planning amidst a worldwide pandemic, the London 2022 exhibition finally took place in the capital in February, and even a major storm couldn’t stop the show going ahead.

Opening on the day after Storm Eunice had battered the UK, the international event attracted collectors and exhibitors from around the world, though many had to endure travel disruption and hair-raising landings to reach a windstrewn London.

By the time the event opened, the weather had calmed, the many frames of exhibits had been assembled, and the philatelic celebrations could begin.

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Exhibition results

World Stamp Championship 

James Peter Gough (USA), ‘UPU and its Impact on Global Postal Services’

Grand Prix International 

Vitoria Morani (Italy), ‘Tuscany 1836 to UPU: Letter mail in, from and to Tuscany: routes, rates and charges’

Grand Prix National 

Howard Hughes (United Kingdom), ‘The Maltese Cross’

Postal History – Best in Class 

Vitoria Morani (Italy), ‘Tuscany 1836 to UPU: Letter mail in, from and to Tuscany: routes, rates and charges’

Traditional – Best in Class 

Joseph Hackney (United Kingdom), ‘The Half Lengths of Victoria’

Aerophilately – Best in Class 

Bjorn A. Schoyen (Norway), ‘First United Kingdom Aerial Post 1911 – The First Sustained Air Mail Service
in the World’

Revenues – Best in Class 

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Michael Mahler (USA), ‘U.S. Civil War Fiscal History Panorama’

Postal Stationery – Best in Class

Behruz Nassre-Esfahani (USA), ‘Persia, Qajar Postal Stationery 1876-1925’

Picture Postcards – Best in Class 

Jenny Long (New Zealand), ‘A study of New Zealand Picture Postcards’

Open Philately – Best in Class

Iva Mouritsen (Denmark), ‘A Royal Ménage À Trois and its Historical Consequences’

Modern – Best in Class

Guy Heyblom (Belgium), ‘Belgium’s Royal Portrait King Baudouin, Type “VELGHE”’

Thematics – Best in Class

David Griffiths (United Kingdom), ‘Here be Dragons’

Literature (Printed) – Best in Class

James Peter Gough (USA), ‘The Postal History Of The UPU: The Postal Card’

Literature (Digital) – Best in Class

Maurice Buxton (United Kingdom), GBPS Website (

Youth – Best in Class

Dinda Alisha Rahima (Indonesia), ‘The Feather Friends’


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