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25 October 2019
Stephanie Connell, one of the UK’s leading consultants in Art and Antiques, has become a Patron for Stamp Active, the organisation responsible for the promotion of stamp collecting to young people.

Stephanie is one of the antique and collectables specialists on the popular BBC series The Antique Roadshow, Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip, and has over twelve years’ experience within the fine art industry, including running her own retail business.

New challenges

Stephanie said: ‘Antiques and history have been a passion of mine since childhood. I started collecting stamps aged nine or ten and dragged my parents to antique shops to help me find more. Once I saw all the other things you could buy that were interesting, that was it!

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‘Stamps create a window into the world of people, places and history and much more. They have inspired me to look at lots of different things and led me into a career that has brought nothing but pleasure into my life and lots of fun.’

Stamp Active

Meanwhile, Peter Barham has accepted the position of Stamp Active’s Donations and Auction Manager, taking over the role previously handled by John Davies, of accepting donations of philatelic material on behalf of the Stamp Active Network. All such donations should now be directed to him at 2E Broomwood Road, Orpington, Kent, BR5 2JH. Peter has also taken on the organisation of the children’s auctions at Stampex which prove very popular with young attendees.

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