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25 March 2022
Post offices and philatelic organisations have given their support to Ukraine, with the release of new stamps.

Firstly Latvia issued a block of three stamps, and ‘a special explanatory coupon’, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with half of the proceeds from sales going to the charity fund programme in support of Ukraine.

The stamp block features the national flags of Ukraine and Latvia, Ukraine’s Independence Monument in Kiev and Latvia’s Freedom Monument in Riga as well as inscriptions in Ukrainian and Latvian saying ‘We Are with You!’ and ‘Glory to Ukraine!’

Estonia and Poland quickly followed suit.

Estonia’s simple ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ design shows a dove against a background of the Ukraine flag; a postcard with a similar design will be given for free with all purchases of the stamp.

A statement from Estonia's post office explained:

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'The postage stamp depicts a dove of peace against the background of the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The stamp features the text ‘Слава Україні!’ in Ukrainian, which means ‘Glory to Ukraine!’, and ‘Eesti toetab Ukrainat’ (Estonia supports Ukraine) in Estonian. ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ (Slava Ukraini) is the national greeting of Ukraine, known as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance. It has been used as the official greeting of the Ukrainian armed forces since 2018.'

Poland’s ‘We Are with You!’ stamp shows a handshake with the hands painted in the national colours of the two countries. The stamp has a value of 4.50 PLN and 3,000,000 copies of the stamp are set to be issued.

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