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11 April 2020
Philately is gaining popularity with younger hobbyists according to a report in The Observer newspaper, with millennials, seeing 'the creative pursuit as an escape from their screen-based lives'.

The report, which was published in The Observer over the Easter weekend, and was also run on the Daily Mail website, explained how for many millennials – people born from around 1981 to 1996 – the hobby of stamp collecting provides a welcome break from the screens, emails and websites that make up such a large part of our life.

For many the appeal is the vintage, more traditional aspect of stamps, though the article also suggests the hobby lends itself very well to the social media platform Instagram (visit our Instagram page right here).

The article, written by Nicole Mowbray, quotes philately experts including:

The article concludes with: “Stamp collecting is so much more than a hobby,” says Medhurst. “It’s a lifestyle, a community.” And, perhaps, the perfect salve for these constrained times.

Read the full article on The Guardian website.

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