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23 March 2020
In the first of our new series on collectors' favourite stamps, Jim Arkdale from Manchester explains why he loves the Mauritius 1948, 'Centenary of First British Colonial Postage Stamp' issue.

As a raw newcomer to stamp collecting, my interest arose from seeing in a previous issue of Stamp Collector magazine an image of the GB 1940 stamp centenary which had an excellent depiction of Queen Victoria as seen on the first Penny Black.

An hour spent browsing eBay led me to the GB 2015 Anniversary of the Penny Black issue which allowed me to buy an equally good image of the original Penny Black for just £2. Admittedly the stamp has anachronistic perforations; but on my limited budget that will probably be as close as I get to owning a genuine Penny Black with four good margins.

I have now embarked on forming a stamp-on-stamp collection, concentrating on images from the Classics era. I was delighted to discover that there are several hundred stamp-on-stamp issues available at bargain prices.

I have made things a little more challenging by seeking stamps that reproduce the original stamp at a good size that gives me a much larger image than I can find even in the latest full-colour Gibbons catalogue.

Some of the Classics selected by modern stamp-on-stamp issuers are, of course, rarities which today’s beginners will never own; but I can derive a limited amount of pleasure from seeing them illustrated on the stamps in my expanding collection.

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This Mauritius 1948 Centenary of the First British Colonial Postage Stamp: 20c stamp-on-stamp, showing the 1847 2d blue is currently my latest acquisition, and currently my favourite stamp.

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