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08 October 2012
imports_CCGB_aunionflagpostgola_77384.jpg A Union Flag Post & Go label
Royal Mail will be providing two ‘Next Generation’ Post & Go Units at Perth 2012 National Philatelic Exhibition ...

Royal Mail will be providing two ‘Next Generation’ Post & Go machines at Perth 2012, one of this year's biggest stamp collecting events.

These units are A1 and A2 and had their debut at Autumn Stampex in September 2012.

Each stamp purchased is vended with a unique number and optionally an overprint, depending on the reel chosen. Stamp reels may change during the course of an exhibition.

One of the machines will use the unique overprint available only at Perth:
PERTH 2012

The stamps to be used are the Union Flag and Machin head.

Collectors may purchase individual stamps via on screen buttons or use the ‘Collectors Strip’ buttons to print all six price variants of the stamps on each reel.

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The UK National Exhibition takes place at Perth, Scotland between 19-20 October 2012

The Philatelic Congress of Great Britain also takes place in Perth between 20-22 October 2012

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