PTS Awards 2021 winners announced


05 January 2022
The annual award ceremony of the Philatelic Traders Society (PTS) was recently held online, with Suzanne Rae, the society’s Managing Director receiving the Ambassador of the Year award.

Suzanne, who recently moved from her position of PTS Chairman, won the award for her ‘creative ideas, drive and vision’ with her nomination stating: “Suzanne is I believe the force behind the very positive actions and achievements that we are seeing within the hobby. Someone had to light the candle of hope and lead the way, a role she has done superbly and with courage and charisma.”

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The category runners-up were Sebastian Delcampe and Charles Epting of HR Harmer.

For the second year in a row, the Legacy Champion of the Year was awarded to YouTuber Graham Beck, whose ‘Exploring Stamps’ channel continues to be hugely popular with collectors.

The PTS Contributor of the Year was awarded to Spink, for their sponsorship of the Stampex brand, whilst the Creative

Awards were jointly won by Delcampe and Stanley Gibbons, with the latter gaining praise for the purchase and ‘fractional ownership’ of the British Guiana 1c Magenta.  

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Finally, the People’s Choice Awards were won by Graham Beck and Delcampe, with the online auction site winning in three of the four available categories.

Full PTS Award Results 

Ambassador of the Year
Winner: Suzanne Rae
Runners up: Sebastian Delcampe, Charles Epting

Legacy Champion of the Year 
Winner: Exploring Stamps 
Runners up: Lawrence Fisher, PhilateLovely 

PTS Contributor of the Year 
Winner: Spink 
Runners up: Delcampe, Empire Philatelist 

Creative Awards
Joint winners: Delcampe, Stanley Gibbons 
Runners up: Museum of Philately and The Postal Museum

People’s Choice Award
Ambassador of the Year 
Winner: Delcampe 

Creative Concept of the Year 
Winner: Delcampe 
Legacy Champion of the Year 

Winner: Exploring Stamps 
PTS Contributor of the Year 
Winner: Sebastian Delcampe, Delcampe