Royal Mail celebrates 50th anniversary of modern Special Stamp programme


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05 January 2015
imports_CCGB_churchillstampsof1965_01009.png Churchill stamps of 1965 - the first special stamps issued by Royal Mail
Royal Mail is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of their Special Stamps programme with the launch of a special website and video. ...
Royal Mail has announced that 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Special Stamps programme, which celebrates the UK and our national character.

Criteria for the creation of Special Stamps to celebrate events and commemorate anniversaries relevant to UK heritage and life was devised by the then Postmaster General, Tony Benn, who worked with designer David Gentleman to modernise stamp design.

The stamp of Sir Winston Churchill, issued in July 1965, was designed by Gentleman and was the first under Benn’s administration. It was the first British stamp to feature a contemporary individual and with its bold modernist approach with no words, it set the scene for the future.

A total of 2,663 Special Stamps have been issued since July 1965.

A short video presented by broadcaster and historian Dan Snow explores how the Special Stamp programme has been shaped by the changing face of the UK and can be viewed below…

As part of the programme to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Special Stamp programme, Royal Mail has also launched an online gallery of every Special Stamp issued since July 1965. Visitors to the site at can browse through the stamps by the decade and also view the stamps that were issued in the year that they were born.

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