Royal Mail confirm London 2020 stamp plans


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02 April 2020
Royal Mail have confirmed that the Souvenir Sheets and Exhibition Sheet to celebrate the London 2020 exhibition will now not be issued, following the news that the event has been postponed.

Royal Mail have clarified their approach to the planned London 2020 stamp products, following an enquiry from The update reveals that the retail stamp book and the stamp sheet marking the 180th anniversary of the Penny Black, are the only London 2020 products still available.

The London 2020 international exhibition was postponed until February 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has shaken the world. 

The full statement from Royal Mail's Stamps and Collectibles department:

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'Following the announcement cancelling London 2020 we have amended our plans to issue show specific products.
'A retail stamp book was issued on 10th March prior to the show cancellation being announced. However, we have withdrawn the Souvenir Sheets and Exhibition Sheet. These will not be sold or available to collectors.
'The 180th Anniversary of the Penny Black Stamp Sheet is still available to collectors.'

Royal Mail also confirmed that all forthcoming stamp issues will be released as scheduled.

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