Royal Mail reveal Star Trek stamps


22 October 2020
Royal Mail has revealed images of a new set of Special Stamps that celebrate the long-running American TV and film franchise Star Trek.

The Star Trek stamps comprises twelve stamps that depict the captains from six principle TV series, plus additional crew members, plus a mini sheet of six stamps - eighteen stamps in total.

The single stamps feature the following characters:

  • Captain James T Kirk
  • Spock
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • Commander Deanna Troi
  • Captain Benjamin Sisko
  • Doctor Julian Bashir
  • Captain Kathryn Janeway
  • Captain Jonathan Archer
  • Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
  • Captain Gabriel Lorca
  • Lieutenant Ash Tyler
  • Commander Michael Burnham

A further six stamps, presented in a miniature sheet, feature characters from across the movies of the franchise, and are all played by British actors:

  • Montgomery Scott
  • Shinzon
  • Tolian Soran
  • Klingon Chancellor Gorkon
  • Carol Marcus
  • Krall

Philip Parker, Royal Mail, said:

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“For more than 50 years Star Trek has enthralled and inspired generations of loyal fans with extraordinary adventures and an optimistic vision of humanity’s future. We celebrate the Star Trek Universe with stylish new stamps of its iconic characters.”
The full set of 18 stamps, available in a Presentation Pack, retails at £14.80. 

The stamps and a range of collectible products are available now to pre-order from and go on general sale on 13 November.