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12 January 2022
Royal Mail have revealed their stamp programme for 2022, with The Rolling Stones, the Commonwealth Games, and 'Heroes of the Pandemic' all set to be featured.

Collectors can look forward to British stamps covering a wide range of topics in 2022, starting with a twelve stamp set honouring rock band The Rolling Stones.

The stamp designs of David Gentleman will be recalled on a stamp set released to coincide with the London 2022 international exhibition, whilst the winners of a hugely popular schools stamp design competition will be revealed on the 'Heroes of the Covid Pandemic' set.

The stamp programme for 2022 is as follows: 

  • 20 Jan - The Rolling Stones
  • 4 Feb - To be announced
  • 18 Feb - The Stamp Designs of David Gentleman
  • 8 Mar - The FA Cup
  • 23 Mar - Heroes of the Covid Pandemic
  • 7 Apr - Migratory Birds
  • 5 May - Unsung Heroes: Women of World War II
  • 9 Jun - Cats
  • 1 Jul - To be announced
  • 28 Jul - Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • 1 Sep - To be announced
  • 29 Sep - Royal Marines
  • 19 Oct - To be announced
  • 3 Nov - Christmas 2022
  • 24 Nov - Tutankhamun

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The magic of the FA Cup will be celebrated on stamps in March, when this year's football competition will be in full swing, and a second sporting set will mark the holding of the Commonwealth Games, which are set to take place in Birmingham from 28 July to 8 August.

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2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, and a set of stamps will mark the centenary in November. Meanwhile, women who played a vital role in the war effort in the 1940s will be honoured on stamps in May.

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