Stamp bureaux reveal their stamp issues for 2020


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06 December 2019
Philatelic bureaux around the world have revealed their stamps plans for 2020, including Guernsey and the Finnish island of Aland.

Guernsey Post will celebrate the work of Beethoven across a number of stamps issued throughout the year, highlight the endangered Kordofan Giraffe, mark the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day and the 100th anniversary of Rupert Bear.

Alderney stamps will feature Sealife in the Ramsar area, the 250th birth anniversary of William Wordsworth, and the eightieth anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Mozart anniversary stamps

Aland’s stamp subjects include Sailing ships, Mozart, ancient postal routes, medical and industrial tubing, Åland police, and Oxen.

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Eivor Granberg, Director of postal services, said: ‘The 2020 stamp program holds something for everyone and invites you to explore the Åland province from a variety of perspectives. We have sought to use a mix of traditional forms and more modern elements illustrating both familiar and more unexpected motifs.’

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