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16 August 2021
The recent 'Fads and Fashions in Philately' webinar explained how trends in stamp collecting have changed over the years and reflected on what the future might hold for philately. Find out a few things we learned here…

The latest webinar in the popular 'Adventures in Philately' series of online talks took place on 16 August and tackled the intriguing subject of 'Fads and Fashions in Philately'.

The attendees were treated to a fascinating presentation from Marcus Orsi and Devlan Kruck from the Museum of Philately, whilst the session also included practical advice on spotting a forgery.

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There were many 'take-aways' from the session, including the following:

  • Classic stamps are for everyone!
    We discovered more about the 'Classic' period, which generally covers imperforate stamps issued before 1890 (though definitions vary). We also learned that many 'Classics' can be affordable too, so anyone can collect them.
  • Robson Lowe revolutionised how we collect
    The so-called 'Godfather of Postal History' made collecting covers hugely popular and changed how we study and collect stamps on cover. 
  • Postal history isn't the same as collecting 'usage'
    Collectors of specific stamp issues will pursue stamps on cover to illustrate how the stamp was used. Whereas postal historians will be more interested in the cover's route through the postal system.
  • You can gain the tools to spot a forgery
    With the right tools to hand you can start spotting forgeries yourself. The webinar highlighted a number of tools that collectors can obtain to help.
  • Originally the stamps on First Day Covers had to cover the correct postage rate  
    Fashions and collecting guidelines change, and today we see First Day Covers featuring a full set of stamps. It wasn't always so, at the start of the FDC craze, it was thought that the cover should only feature the correct stamp to cover the postage to the destination.

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