USA reveal 2020 stamp subjects


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07 November 2019
The USA has also revealed a large part of their 2020 stamp schedule, with topics to include ‘Voices of the Harlem Renaissance’, ‘Earth Day’, ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Fruits & Vegetables’.

Figures to be celebrated on US stamps in 2020 include Gwen Ifill, who was among the first African Americans to hold prominent positions in both broadcast and print journalism; and golfer Arnold Palmer, who is described as helping to ‘transform a game once seen as a pastime for the elite into a sport enjoyed by the masses’.

The musical genre of Hip Hop will be celebrated across four new stamps in a pane of twenty. The stamp art features photographs taken by Cade Martin that depict four elements of hip hop: MCing (rapping), b-boying (breakdancing), DJing and graffiti art.

The US Postal Service will also mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor. The stamp’s image is based on artwork of watercolor, acrylic and gouache, a method of painting that uses opaque pigments ground in water and thickened to a glue-like consistency.

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U.S. Postal Service Stamp Services Acting Executive Director William Gicker said:

'These miniature works of art offer something for everyone interested in American history and culture. From notable figures such as golf legend Arnold Palmer and esteemed journalist Gwen Ifill to the cultural phenomenon of hip hop to a celebration of the great outdoors, this program is wide-ranging and adds to the history of our great nation as recorded through the U.S. stamp program.'

The stamp programme for the USA will include the following subjects.

  • Lunar New Year: Year of the Rat
  • Made of Hearts 
  • Gwen Ifill
  • Let’s Celebrate! 
  • Wild Orchids
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Maine Statehood
  • Contemporary Boutonniere
  • Garden Corsage
  • Earth Day
  • American Gardens
  • Voices of the Harlem Renaissance
  • Enjoy the Great Outdoors
  • Hip Hop
  • Fruits & Vegetables 
  • Thank You
  • 19th Amendment: Women Vote
  • Mayflower in Plymouth Harbour

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