Collectors look forward to Virtual Stampex


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04 March 2021
The second virtual version of Stampex is set to take place between 25 and 27 March, and the organisers have revealed further details of the show’s attractions and announced the headline sponsor.

Registration for Virtual Stampex is now open at, and the organisers have revealed new features for the online show including the Collectors Lounge, sponsored by Corinphila and Heinrich Kohler, which will allow collectors to meet, chat and connect.

Collectors' Lounge

A PTS spokesperson explained that the Lounge will let visitors ‘meet friends, join a relaxed session on collecting from one of the experts and meet the teams who are showing in the booth hall.’

The Spink Auditorium will be home to ten philatelic talks over the 72-hour event, including presentations from NY Collectors Club, FIAP and The Royal Philatelic Society London.

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Meanwhile, the new Gold Membership Hall will include PTS Gold Members including the likes of Mark Bloxham, Brian Bayford, Stanley Gibbons, Bill Barrell and more. 

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Philatelic exhibition

An Exhibitors Hub will be available to view the exhibitions run by the ABPS and award-winning collections presented by the Museum of Philatelic 

As with the previous show, a live chat facility will allow collectors to connect with your favourite stamp dealers, auction houses, philatelic societies, postal administrations, museums, experts and social influencers - all free of charge. 

Show sponsors

The PTS have also revealed that Spink will be headline sponsors for the virtual show and for the next event in September, which is hoped to be a physical show back at the Business Design Centre in London.

Chairman and CEO of Spink, Olivier D Stocker, said: ‘We are delighted to have partnered with Stampex on this five year deal. We look forward to working with them on both the virtual experience and the psychical shows. Last year we were pioneers in supporting the digital revolution and this year we are delighted to be not only sponsor the virtual show but also sponsoring the Stampex brand itself.’


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