Inside The Postal Museum, Part 4: Stamp artwork


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The Postal Museum's extensive archives include details and images of many stamps, essays and rejected designs. In this guide we examine artwork by Eric Ravilious.

From 1924 The Postal Museum collections include all artwork, adopted and unadopted, for all issued and some un-issued British stamps. Material is constantly added to the collections as we receive around 500 pieces of stamp artwork from Royal Mail every year.

What goes on above and below us? Both topics captivate our minds and will continue to do so.

A new Postal Museum display in 2020 looks at stamps issues that focussed on some of the many things we can find above us and below us, in the space and sea. It includes artwork by Jeff Fisher, David Miller, Ralph Steadman, Harriet Bane, Howard Brown and Eric Ravilious.

Ravilious’ design takes you inside the submarine and focusses on the submarine commander looking through a periscope. It was produced by the painter, designer, book illustrator and wood-engraver while he was occupied full-time as an official war artist during WWII. His job was to record the conflict as best as he could. Unfortunately, it never made it onto stamps.


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