Young Collectors

Summer of Stamps Virtual Festival

Discover much more about stamp collecting, how to get started, what to collect and more.

Plus, enter the fantastic one-page competition and you could win a £30 amazon voucher!

Take a World Tour - Competition Entries
We're delighted to be able to share the entries for the 'Take a World Tour!' competition for young people, which forms…
03 August 2020
Special one-page competition: TAKE A WORLD TOUR!
Want to win a £30 amazon gift voucher, put together a mini collection, and go on a stamp world tour? Enter this special…
02 July 2020
#DonateYourStamps - Send your spare stamps to Kidstamps
Got spare stamps, mini-sheets, and covers in your collection? Join the #donateyourstamps campaign running as part of the…
01 July 2020
Get inspiration from young collector Carys Llewellyn
Get some tips on how to start collecting stamps, how to find stamps, and how to enter a stamp competition with young…
31 May 2020
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