300 years of the principality of Liechtenstein to be celebrated with special jubilee stamp


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13 December 2018
The Post Office of Liechtenstein has announced it will issue a 300th anniversary jubilee stamp marking the founding of the principality of Liechtenstein, as its first issue of 2019.

This small, central European country lies between Switzerland and Austria and took its current name as a principality of the Holy Roman Empire in 1719. Nowadays it is home to around 38,000 people.

The new stamp, with a CHF6.30 value, is a self-adhesive embroidered stamp in the shape of a prince's hat; this is the first time that Liechenstein has issued an embroidered stamp. The embroidery firm Hämmerle & Vogel in Lustenau, Austria, was chosen to create the stamp, that will be issued on 23 January 2019, the date of the country's landmark anniversary

A limited edition version of the stamp, embroidered with real gold thread, will also be available. For more information or to order the stamps, visit the post office's website.

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