Austria Post issues new Crypto Stamp 4.0


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22 September 2022
The first international joint issue of a blockchain stamp will come out simultaneously in Austria and the Netherlands

Both issues of Crypto Stamp 4.0 will have the same motif of the Bull, but with different designs based on the national colours and incorporating the two countries' typical floral species. The Austrian version will feature the edelweiss and the Netherlands one the tulip.

A technological innovation in Crypto Stamp 4.0 is the use of augmented reality to bring the Bull to life. Improvements have also been made to the blockchain. Although the 4.0 stamp still relies on Etherium, the sidechain has changed from Gnosis to Polygon. This will make transactions on the blockchain cheaper and reduce the app's energy consumption.

The Austrian edition of Crypto Stamp 4.0 has a run of 100,000, a face value of €9.90 and can be used as a standard stamp for franking letters in Austria. A package of the Austrian Crypto Stamp 4.0, the Dutch NL Crypto stamp and a 3D Bull mask is available.

Austria Post issued the world's first blockchain stamp in 2019. The Crypto Stamp 1.0 had a Unicorn motif. 2.0 featured Honey Badger, Llama, Dog and Panda. 3.0's motif was Whale, and 3.1, Cat and Rhino.

Crypto stamps can be bought as haptic products in post offices or ordered online. Then the digital twin is activated in the blockchain, revealing the colours of the NFT.

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For full details of the new Crypto Stamp 4.o visit the website.