Countdown to London 2015: Interview with Chairman Bill Hedley


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12 February 2015
imports_CCGB_london2015chairmanbill_07955.png London 2015 Chairman Bill Hedley
Matt Hill speaks to Bill Hedley, Chairman of the London 2015 Europhilex stamp exhibition, due to take place in May, as he discusses the origins of the event, the hard work involved in making it happen and the future of philately ...
‘Philately is all about research, collecting, and forging friendships, London 2015 is a huge opportunity for that!’ Bill Hedley’s enthusiasm for the show that he and his colleagues have been planning for years is clear, and his excited response when asked what the event will offer collectors is rather contagious.

‘There will be an incredible range of things of interest, from the point of view of exhibits and dealers,’ he says.

‘The Court of Honour display on “Philatelic Events that Changed the World” includes material that has never been seen together before. Some people think it’s only a European show with only European material, but that’s far from the truth. With more than 1,500 frames of competitive exhibits, there’s something for everyone.’

After ‘four years’ work for the four-day show’ Bill is confident London 2015 will be a big success and is keen to explain how and why the event was organised.

‘Since 1940 London exhibitions have taken place at ten-year intervals, but we realised this interval was just too long in the modern world, so this half-way show was planned to keep the wheels turning, to keep up with the development of philately. If there’s a 2020 exhibition, it will certainly build on what we did in 2015.’

Of course, collectors will also recognise the philatelic significance of 2015.

In May we mark the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black stamp, it’s the 150th anniversary of the first Stanley Gibbons catalogue, and it’s 125 years since the first London exhibition was held.

The time seemed right for a major exhibition in the UK and Bill’s claim that ‘there’s something for everyone’ certainly rings true as he lists the many activities taking place in London in May…

• special displays
• society meetings
• a top quality auction
• a reading room
…and much more.

So what is Bill most looking forward to? ‘I can’t wait to see it all brought together,’ he says. ‘When the hall is filled with collectors I’ll be very happy. It’s a chance to see, meet, learn and acquire; there’s free entry after the first day… what’s not to like?’

London 2015 takes place at the Business Design Centre, Islington, between 13 and 16 May, 2015.

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