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08 September 2022
Royal Mail have issued an official statement following the sad news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, stating that no further announcements on the expected changes to stamps will be made before the funeral.

Royal Mail's official statement said:

"We join with people across the United Kingdom and around the world in mourning the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“Throughout her long reign, Queen Elizabeth took a close interest in the design of British postage stamps, every one of which carried her image. Her visit to The Queen Elizabeth Delivery Office in Windsor on the eve of her ninetieth birthday was a proud day in our company’s history.

“We extend our deepest condolences to His Majesty and to all members of the Royal Family.”

What happens to stamps featuring Queen Elizabeth II?

Meanwhile, the Royal Mint also confirmed that stamps bearing the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II remain valid for use, including definitive stamps - regular ‘everyday’ stamps - and Special Stamps.

As previously announced, following the introduction of barcodes to everyday stamps, these stamps remain valid until the end of January 2023. 

The statement also explained that 'All Special Stamps that have already been announced will be issued, although the launch dates of some may change.' It is therefore likely that these pictorial stamps will still feature the familiar profile of the Queen.

The special stamps that have been announced and are yet to be issued are:

  • 29 Sept - Royal Marines
  • 3 Nov - Christmas 2022
  • 24 Nov - Tutankhamun
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Post boxes will change

In line with past practice following the death of a monarch, Royal Mail have stated, all existing post boxes will remain unchanged. 'Post boxes already in production or being prepared for installation, will also retain the insignia of Queen Elizabeth II.'

As new post boxes begin to be produced, they will most likely feature the royal insignia 'C III R'. 

King Charles III stamps 

Of course, the UK's stamps, and many stamps issued around the Commonwealth, currently feature a portrait or profile image of Queen Elizabeth II, including the iconic 'Machin' design. Over time, these stamps will be replaced by designs showing King Charles III. 

Royal Mail have not yet provided details of any new stamps featuring a portrait of King Charles III. The official statement stating that: 'No further announcements on stamps will be made before the funeral, and then only at the appropriate time, after consultation with Buckingham Palace.'


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