Delicious desserts profiled on new Sweet Canada stamps


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24 April 2019
Canada Post has released the designs of its new Sweet Canada stamps, issued on 17 April and focusing on the nation's iconic sweet treats.

The permanent domestic stamps are issued in a booklet of ten and feature five different sweets, on a foodie tour from coast to coast.

The featured desserts are Nanaimo bars, Saskatoon berry pie butter tarts, tarte au sucre (sugar pie) and blueberry grunt. The shaped stamps are arranged on a recipe card background whilst the back of the booklet features a recipe box motif. 

Nanaimo bars continue the theme and have been associated with their namesake Vancouver Island city since the no-bake recipe first appeared there in the 1950s. 

Saskatoon berry pie, notable for the unique apple and almond taste of its fruit, is high in fibre, protein and antioxidants; the berries were once a staple of Indigenous people and Prairie settlers. 

Butter tarts have become an object of cultural pride in some Canadian communities, with several Ontario towns boasting the best bakers of these sweet pastries. 

An indispensable offering at Quebec patisseries, tarte au sucre has centuries-old European origins that were adopted by early arrivals to New France.

Named for the noise it makes while cooking, blueberry grunt has been enjoyed on Canada’s East Coast for generations.

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Sweet Canada stamp details

Issue date: April 17, 2019

Design: Roy White, Liz Wurzinger, Subplot Design Inc.

Illustration: Mary Ellen Johnson

To purchase the stamps, visit the Canada Post website.

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(image copyright Canada Post)