Europa 2019 National Birds - bird stamps of years gone by


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06 September 2019
In our latest expert blog we take a look at stamps featuring national birds from previous years.

This year's Europa theme National Birds is the first common theme on animals, but not the first nature Europa theme.

In 1974 the CEPT (European Conference of Postal & Telecommunications Administrations) in charge of the Europa stamps issues until 1992 decided to go for a common theme instead of the common designs we've known since the first issue in 1956.

In 1977 the common theme was landscapes which gave nice views including a Finnish Lake, Irish Bog and Swedish Tundra.

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The 1986 Nature Conservation & Environmental Protection brought some nice birds on stamps including a bullfinch from the Azores, flamingos from Cyprus and swallows on a wire from Licehtenstein.

1999 theme

The parks & nature reserves theme of 1999 saw some countries choosing a bird for their Europa issue, including Denmark with bar-tailed godwits, France with flamingos and Malta with a kingfisher.

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