Finland release 2024 Europa stamps


15 June 2024
On 8th May Finland’s postal service, Posti released its 2024 Europa stamps on the theme of ‘Underwater Fauna and Flora’.

What’s on Finland’s 2024 Europa stamps? 

The first Europa stamp from Finland shows common eelgrass (Zostera marina), which is the only fully submerged seed plant in the Baltic Sea. This salt-dependant plant extends to the central Gulf of Finland and the northern Bothnian Sea. Eelgrass meadows are often referred to as the coral reefs of the Baltic Sea and provide a habitat for many underwater species, including small fish and crustaceans as well as invertebrates. 

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Above: One of the Finnish stamps on the theme of 'Underwater Fauna and Flora' shows common eelgrass

The second stamp shows the leaf beetle (Macroplea pubipennis), which thrives in shallow and sheltered sea bays. The leaf beetle is less than 1cm long and in Finland, can be found from Hamina to Oulu and on the Aland Islands. 

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Stamp designers Susanna Rumpu and Ari Lakaniemi said: ‘The Europa stamps feature a beetle and a plant. The gleaming water at the top of each stamp emphasizes the fact that the species live underwater. The shape of the upper part of the stamps depicts a wave, and the uneven stamp separation creates an image of air bubbles rising to the surface.’

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Above: The second stamp shows the leaf beetle

The stamps are available to purchase from Posti as a first day cover and in sets of 10, featuring 5 stamps of each design. 

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Who are Posti? 

Posti Group Corporation is the main Finnish postal service in Finland, it’s divided into 3 groups, Postal Services, Parcel and Logistics Services and OpusCapita and has a history that spans nearly 400 years. 

A postal service was first established in Finland in 1638 by Governor-General Per Brahe when the country was part of the Kingdom of Sweden. In 1811, a central postal administration was established by a now autonomous Finland which was ruled by the Russian Empire. Stamps weren’t introduced in Finland until 1856 but started the home delivery of newspapers and letters in 1858. Since then the company has grown hugely and today, it operates not only in Finland but also in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.