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Collecting Olympics Stamps
In this special guide, Bob Wilcock, Vice Chairman of the Society of Olympic Collectors, provides an insight into…
02 July 2021
German propaganda forgeries
German propaganda forgeries provide a fascinating insight into the espionage of the Second World War and the way in…
20 May 2021
10 facts about the 1840 Penny Black stamp
The Penny Black became valid for postage on 6 May 1840. The simple stamp revolutionised how the nation communicated,…
06 May 2021
British postal history from December 1839 to May 1840
Using rare and fascinating postal history items, including Mulready stationery and Parliamentary envelopes, Dr Nicholas…
26 April 2021
The 1840 Mulready postal stationery
Mulready stationery appeared at the same time as the Penny Black and Twopenny Blue, in May 1840, and was expected to be…
25 April 2021
Your in-depth guide to the stamps of King George V
GB stamps expert Mike Jackson presents an overview of KGV stamps issued in Britain during the collector King’s reign
04 March 2021
Your guide to Penny Red stamps
The Penny Red stamp was Britain's second stamp design and replaced the famous Penny Black. Discover much more about the…
31 January 2021
The Maltese Cross Postmark
Discover more about the postmark that cancelled the world's first postage stamps with this comprehensive presentation,…
03 January 2021
The 1890 Penny Post Jubilee
John Davies, immediate past president of the Great Britain Philatelic Society, provides a guide to the 1890 Penny Post…
02 January 2021

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