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16 January 2021
An illustration of the climate activist Greta Thunberg features on a new stamp from Sweden, part of their recently issued set of five 'Precious Nature' stamps which focus on the environmental work taking place in Sweden.

The new stamps, issued on 14 January by PostNord, feature illustrations by Henning Trollback, including one value showing birds in flight beside a rocky cliff. Look a little closer and you can see a young woman in a yellow raincoat stood on the edge of the cliff.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg rose to fame in 2018 when, aged 15 years old, she encouraged school pupils around the world to go on strike in a bid to make governments address climate change.

Kristina Olofsdotter, head of Swedish stamps at PostNord, said:

"We’re so pleased to release this collection and that Greta, among several illustrations of important nature, will be symbolised on our stamps. These natural places are very important and we all need to do our part to be able to preserve it for future generations. It was an obvious choice to portray the environmental issues affecting us."

The stamp designs focus on the work going on in Sweden to save and preserve various unique and sensitive nature. The Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) has named 16 environmental quality goals, with some of these illustrated on the stamps.

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The stamps are available in a booklet of ten stamps and in coils.

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