Holland celebrates sporting heroes


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21 March 2022
PostNL, the postal authority for The Netherlands, recently issued the second set in their ‘Typically Dutch’ series, which highlights ‘five sports in which the Dutch excel’.

If you’re racking your brain trying to think of Dutch sporting champions, then hockey might just come to mind.

The Netherlands male hockey team has won the Hockey World Cup three times and been runners-up on four occasions, whilst the women’s team have tasted World Cup victory an impressive eight times, most recently in 2018).

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So it’s no surprise that we see a woman hockey player on the six identical postage stamps which make up the sheets.

The ‘Typically Dutch – hockey’ issue was designed by graphic designer Clair Bedon and creative director Edwin van Praet from Total Design in Amsterdam. 

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Still wondering about the other sports in which Holland excel?

Stamps featuring skating were published earlier this year (as illustrated), and designs featuring the typically Dutch sports of cycling (4 April), sailing (9 May) and football (15 August) will follow.

Issue date: 21 March 2022, www.postnl.nl